What we do at the the RBL Deeping and Langtoft branch

At the Deeping and Langtofts RBL Branch, we pride ourselves on the help we provide to those within our community. Whether this is lending a helping hand with money or providing support in a crisis, we pride ourselves on helping our community, be it young or old. Following on from this, we take part in many large scale events around the local area such as organising the local armed forces day or helping organise activities with our affiliated Market Deeping Cadet detachment. But it’s not all work and no play, we are a very social community who meet up regularly which provides many with the opportunities to make new friends.

The History of the Langtoft and Deeping's RBL

I (Charles Black) was asked to revive this branch by a friend Mr Dougie Reedman. It was a sub-branch of Bourne in 1972, called Langtoft Sub-branch. At the time my father Mr C E Black and about 4 others were members of Deeping St. Nicholas branch, and they all agreed to help. We attended Langtoft A G M. and I was asked to take on the Chairmans job, I agreed on one condition that we would form a branch of our own. This was agreed and a lot of rallying around was done for new members. Paddy Kenny took on the job of Secretary and Sqdn Leader Peter Green was treasurer, Sqdn Leader Ron Collins Retd. was president, and a friend of his was Vice Chairman Reg Walker was our Standard bearer, for many years, also taking on the roll of secretary and Vice chairman. We became The Langtoft and District branch which covered Langtoft, Baston and West Deeping. We gradually took on more and more villages as branches in the area folded. In this period there has been other Presidents, Col. John Thompson who started our Twinning with the French with a friend of his Robert Fieffe of Cheux. Our last President was Sqdn Leader Alec Tearle M B E ( Retired). We also had 2 other Chairmen for a short period. We now cover 13 Parishes and are now called The Langtoft Deepings and Districts Branch. Last year we dedicated our new Standards to take this into account.

Be Part of Our Community

If you want to be part of our community, then there are many ways in which you can do so. One of the many ways is to join our ranks and take part in all of our events. You will not only achieve a sense of pride from this, but a sense of belonging which is crucial in our tight knit community.

What the Deeping and Langtoft RBL Branch can do for you

A great social life and help with any needs are the two main benefits that can be offered from our branch. Not only this, but a sense of comradery from standing alongside likeminded people who are all here for a good cause and to stand by one another during the good and the bad.